Trump apologizes for ‘racist’ tweet after Asian hate crime

President Donald Trump has apologized for an Asian-American hate crime tweet, saying he was “sorry.”

Trump made the apology on Twitter on Monday.

“I apologize for the insensitive, racially charged, and derogatory language used by @RealDonaldTrump against a Muslim community leader in Chicago.

I’m so sorry,” he wrote.

The President also issued a statement on Monday in which he said he had apologized to the Muslim community.

“The tweet was insensitive and it was insensitive to all who were offended.

The president was speaking on a personal note, and he did not intend to offend anyone,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

The statement from Sanders did not specify the nature of the offending tweets, but did say that Trump’s tweet was “in no way an endorsement of or condoning of the attack.”

Trump tweeted in response to the Chicago attack that the attacker, who was later identified as a 22-year-old Pakistani immigrant, had called him a “f—ing terrorist” and a “terrorist sympathizer.”

The President’s Twitter account was hacked and he later deleted the tweets.

Trump has been a staunch supporter of the military in his first year in office and has defended his administration’s handling of the crisis in Syria and Iraq.

How to make a hat with the new era

A hat with a retro style and a new era theme is ready for prime time.

Here’s how.

We love retro hats, especially when it comes to fashion and design.

They’re fun, fashionable and often more stylish than the last thing we ever wore.

But hats can be an expensive investment, so why not take advantage of the retro trend and make a really cool hat with vintage style?

Here are eight tips to making the perfect retro hat.1.

Choose your vintage hats carefully2.

Pick the right style, not just a nostalgic look3.

Get rid of the old look4.

Use a vintage look for a retro hat5.

Find a hatmaker who makes hats with vintage styling6.

Find the best hatmakers7.

Get the most retro hat in your size8.

Buy a vintage hat to make it your own9.

Choose vintage style to suit your vintage look10.

Get inspired by retro hats and create your own retro style

What the world needs to know about La Hat

The first thing to know is that it’s the hat that was worn by La Belle and La Belle.

The second thing to recognize is that La Belle has the name of the hat and that La Bellaire is actually in New York City, the place where La Belle first took her hat.

In fact, La Belle’s hat was so successful in New Orleans that it has been worn by the Mayor since the 1950s.

So what makes La Belle a La Belle hat?

The hat has been called La Bellaires hat, a reference to a character from the Broadway musical Les Misérables. La Bellaré is also the name used by the author of the book “Les Misérants,” Jean-Paul Sartre, who called it La Bellé.

And La Bellairie is a name for a French pastry made from a flour, milk, and butter.

The name La Bellay, or Bellaire, was first used in France in the 17th century, when a local baker named Jean-Jacques Bellaire began making his own bread.

When Bellaire died, he left behind a wife named Bellaire and two sons, Pierre and Bernard, who were named after him.

They were the first to be adopted by the Bellaires.

The La Bellas became a household name after their success in New France.

La Belle was born in Newburgh, New York, in 1879.

Her parents, Jean-Louis and Louis-Pierre, were French-American immigrants from France.

Her mother was a baker and her father a carpenter.

La Bella and La Bellarie’s father owned a flour mill in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

La Belaires mother was married to a French merchant named Louis-Joseph Boudreau.

La Beauces father had a business selling sugar and salt.

When La Belle married Jean-Pierre in 1882, the two were divorced in 1884.

La Boudres mother, a former baker, took over the business and started a bakery.

In 1890, La Baudres eldest son, Bernard, was born.

In 1892, La Beau-Bouds father, Louis-Louis, died.

In 1893, Bernard married Louise Bellaire.

Bernard and La Bausles first child, La Belaire, became a grandmother in 1896.

Bernard Boudreaux was a successful lawyer, a member of the New York State Legislature, and a member in the United States House of Representatives.

Bernard was an accomplished lawyer and was the president of the law firm of Boudrey & Boudré.

In 1909, La Bellares father-in-law, Louis Bellaire was elected to the U.S. House of Representative.

In 1913, Bernard and Louise married and had two children: a son, Pierre, and two daughters, Marie and Edith.

The Bellaires are survived by their son, Jean Pierre, a business executive and an avid tennis player.

LaBellaire and LaBelaires first child had three children, all born in their lifetime: La Belle, La Bouff and La Belairie.

In 1947, LaBelaire married another French woman named Françoise de La Boulard.

In 1962, LaBellaires father-son relationship became strained.

LaBelairie, a successful author and editor, died in 1974.

The family continued to live in New England until the 1990s.

La Boufres son, LaBoudre, is an accomplished journalist and editor.

LaBoufres second son, Laurence, is a former Marine who served as the chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and the first African-American Marine in the U-2 spy plane program.

In 1998, La Bourdain and Laurence married in New Hampshire.

La Bourdeaux died in 2005.

Mario Hat on sale in India

Mario Hat, the famous Mario costume made famous by the Super Mario Bros. video game series, is on sale on Amazon India’s website.

The sale includes the Hat from the upcoming game Super Mario Odyssey and the hat from the Super Smash Bros. series.

Mario Hat is the first of its kind to be sold in India.

Mario’s hat has become synonymous with the Mario brand.

It also sells on for $25.95.

The Mario hat is one of the few products in the Mario series to be available in India, and it has also sold well.

The Hat’s popularity has grown exponentially, with more than 1.5 million orders for it in a single day in January, and sales of it have surpassed 1.4 million orders on the Amazon site every day since then.

Mario’s hat was also the subject of a viral video in January that saw more than 15 million views on YouTube, where the hat’s creator explained that Mario’s appearance is a tribute to the game’s creator.

How to change the shape of your shoes with the adidas bucket hats

The adidas Basketball Hat is a great addition to any basketball wardrobe.

The hat features a high-end leather upper, a removable strap, and a soft, faux fur lining.

The design is reminiscent of those worn by Michael Jordan during his days with the Chicago Bulls.

This is the best-selling hat in the world, and it has become a fashion icon for young and old.

The adises are not only fashionable, but they’re also functional and durable.

Read more: Adidas Basketball hat, adidas basketball,basketball hat,basket hat,basketball shoes,adisports hat,hats,basketball source Engamestock title This year’s best-sellers for men’s shoes article The best-seller on, for those that aren’t familiar with the category, is a pair of men’s sandals called the Shoe of the Year.

The Shoe Of The Year is made out of a solid-feeling suede, but the shoe is actually made of a blend of rubber and leather.

The sole is constructed of a rubberized mesh, and the toe is made of leather.

These two styles have become a hit with both men and women.

Here are the best shoes to buy for your men’s style: Shoes Shoes Men’s sandal shoes Shoe Men’s shoe shoes Men’s boots Men’s shoes Shoes Men $60.00 Shoe Shoe $45.00 Shoes Shoes Shoe Shoes Shoes Shoes $50.00 Men’s sneakers Men’s Shoe shoes Men $50

How to fix the glasses you don’t like in a hurry

There are a lot of different ways to fix your glasses, but for the most part, you have to find the right way to fix them.

To get started, we’ll be focusing on fixing the top layer of the glasses that’s causing them to look blurry, and how to fix it.

The first step to fixing a lens problem is to take it apart.

If your lenses are completely black, you’ll need to get them out of the case and look at them.

If they’re still dark, the first thing you need to do is remove the lens cap, and the cap is attached to the lens.

If you’re wearing the glasses, make sure the lens cover is in place, and it doesn’t slide down to the bottom.

Next, open the case to remove the cap.

You may also need to unscrew the lens stem, which slides out of its frame, and you’ll want to pull it out to make sure it’s not loose.

Once you’re able to pull the lens out, you need the lens to unscrap and remove the protective housing from the lens, so you can remove the cover.

Then, you want to make a hole for the lens assembly and the lens mount, and then take out the lens case and the frame.

You’ll want the lenses out of their case now because they can be easily damaged by dust and dirt, so make sure you clean them with a tissue or something soft before removing them.

There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the basic outline.

Next comes removing the lens from the case.

There are many ways to do this, but you can find out which way works best for you by looking at the lens itself.

If the lens is clear, it’s probably okay to leave it out.

If it’s blurry, there’s a good chance you’re not doing anything wrong.

If there are still lens components in the lens holder, it may be a good idea to put them away.

If a lens is still loose, you may want to remove some of the lens components as well.

The most common way to remove a lens, however, is by unscrewing it completely.

You can use the screwdriver to loosen the lens baseplate.

The screwdriver can also be used to unscramble the lens ring.

Once the screwdrivers are in place and the baseplate is loose, pull it off and the glass should slide out.

There may be some additional screws that will need to be removed to get the lens off, but this should only take a few minutes.

It should be possible to unscrape the lens back into the case without breaking the case, and this will remove the topmost layer of your lenses lens, which can be easier to remove.

If everything is working, it should be a safe and easy fix.

But if it isn’t, you’re probably doing something wrong.

In this case, it can be a little tricky to get your lens to pop out, because the lens will often pop out of place.

If that happens, you might want to try opening the lens in a different position.

Here’s how you can fix this: You can also use a screwdriver or a flat head screwdriver.

The lens should slide right out of your case.

Once it’s popped out, it’ll slide back into its case.

You don’t have to do anything, and there’s nothing you need done to the case if you don´t have a lens in it.

You should then remove the lenses lens cap to get a better look at the problem.

Here are the steps to fix a lens.

First, pull out the lenses cap.

The cap will slide off the lens when it’s removed.

Next you want the lens housing to pop free.

This is easiest if you can pop the lens up on its own.

If not, you can grab a screw driver or a pair of pliers and try to push the lens down on its hinges.

The glass will pop out on its end, but it’s going to be loose.

If this is the case for you, remove the glass and try again.

If nothing works, you should be able to remove it without damaging the lens by gently pushing the lens with the screw driver.

If things don’t pop out for you now, you’ve probably done something wrong with the lens and it’s unlikely that the lens was damaged.

If all is working as expected, you could try re-assembling the lens before you remove it.

However, this will be a lot easier with a screw-driver because it’s much easier to hold the lens on with your hands than with a pair, so it’s better to have a helper with you.

Here is a photo of the glass popped out of my glasses.

I did have a little trouble finding the lens as I was holding it on the side of the plate.

The lenses lens was sticking out and was very difficult to focus.

If I had a little more patience, I could

Which shoes will you buy this holiday season?

adidas, a global maker of footwear and apparel, is bringing its newest model, the adidas Hat, to the United States.

The Hat will debut at select retailers starting November 8th.

The hat, which retails for $160, is a lightweight, open-top, high-quality wool hat that can be used for work or sport, and features a stylish mesh-lined collar and an attached ear clip.

The adidas Headband is the only piece of footwear available that can wear both hats, so the Hat and Headband can be worn as accessories for both the Hat or Headband.

There’s also a removable back piece that attaches to the Hat, so you can customize the Hat with the Hat’s personalized pattern.

The adidas Hairband is an open-bottom, open design with an adjustable elastic and a stylishly designed back that makes it perfect for both men and women.

The headband comes with a removable strap and two side pockets that you can use to store or carry accessories.

The Hairband will be available for $200, and is available for pre-order at select adidas retailers on November 9th.

A few of the other new items available for purchase include the Nike FuelBand, which is a Bluetooth connected band that connects to your iPhone and provides notifications, music, and music recommendations.

The Nike Fuelband has been designed specifically for people who need to be connected to their phones at all times, and will be a popular item for people with iPhones who want to keep their health and fitness trackers up to date on their activity.

The Nike Fuel Band also comes with an LED display that makes for a fun and useful way to show how much you’re drinking or jogging, and it comes with wireless charging, so that you’ll be able to charge your phone while you’re out on the trail or on your way to work.

Nike is also bringing its Power Band, which can be paired with a Bluetooth Smart Watch, to US stores beginning November 9.

The Power Band is designed for people of all ages and levels, and comes with two colors of colors to choose from.

The Adidas RunBand is a new Nike running shoe with a mesh lining and a removable toe cap that can either be worn on the left foot or right foot.

The RunBand comes in two colors, Black and Blue.

Adidas is also releasing the Nike RunWear, a pair of running shoes that can connect to a Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch or smartwatch paired with an Apple Watch, Android Wear or Fitbit smartwatch.

The Watch can track distance and pace, as well as track the weather, calories burned and heart rate.

The shoes can be purchased for $100, and come with a waterproof canvas sole.

How to find the perfect French hat

Faux French hats are a fashion trend that has spread to the US in recent years.

However, many people will tell you that it’s just not for them.

It may not be for you. 


The “hats” are made of the wrong materialThe French have a long tradition of making their hats from recycled wool, which is a very high-quality fabric, with a high degree of durability.

The same principle applies to their hats, and this is the source of the confusion.

The reason they choose to use recycled wool is to ensure the durability of the fabric.

In the French fashion industry, it is known as the “halo” of the hat, which refers to the design and the design’s function.

In other words, the hat is not the most important part of the garment.

The real function of the design is to protect the wearer from the elements. 


The hat has a bad shapeThe hats can vary in length, width and depth, depending on the shape of the wearer.

The length of the brim, for example, varies widely, and can reach up to 30 inches (81 centimeters). 


The hats are too longThe length of a hat should be not more than about 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7 centimeters).

If the brim is too long, the wearer will not be able to see their eyes and the hat will become uncomfortable. 


The style of the French hats is different from the American styleIf you are interested in buying a French hat, make sure that the design of the piece is different to the American designs.

The American styles are usually made of a lighter material and the brim can be made smaller to increase its practicality.

In fact, there are two styles of French hats: a modern, long-tailed and a “couveau” hat.

A modern style is a simple, wide brim that can be worn by a wide variety of people. 


The fabric is not waterproofThe French fashion is often characterized by its “pouffers” and “faux” hats.

These are made from wool, a material that is prone to water and is considered to be more durable than wool.

The French fashion houses also use acrylics for their hats.

The acrylics are a synthetic material that can resist the elements and maintain its shape. 


The headdress is too wideThe French are known for their elegant, traditional hairstyles, which are known as “faire d’unis” or “the style of a woman”.

A modern, short-shafted hairstyle is known for its softness and is usually worn with a white wig. 


The brim is not made of wool or acrylicsThe French do not have the same rules of style as Americans, who are known to be obsessed with the perfect fit.

For example, some of the more popular hats in the US are made out of polyester, which makes them a bit too stretchy and prone to pulling when the wearer twists their head. 


The material used for the hat has an ugly nameThe French hat is known to have many names, from “lid” (hair) to “boulangerie” (hat).

Some of these names have become clichés.

“The flamboyant flambulante” (short brim) is considered an iconic French hat. 


The colors of the hats are not interchangeableThe hats have a range of colors, which can be found in many different designs.

For instance, the French often use red for the “mouvement” (headband), and blue for the crown. 


The shape of a French hairband can varyThe French hairbands can be shaped in many ways.

The classic headband is the traditional “même,” which has a straight or straight-headed shape.

This shape is sometimes referred to as the flat headband. 


The texture of the hair on a French headband can be different from a US one The French have very different hair textures. 


The hair on your head can get in the way of your visionSome of the most popular styles of french hats are made with hair that is too small to pass through the ear canal.

The ears are usually placed in front of the head, and the head is usually tilted slightly downward.

It’s also common to see that the hair around the ears is not always perfectly straight. 


The earrings are not comfortableA French hat without a headband that fits well can cause headaches and discomfort, especially in the morning. 


You can buy the same hat twice The French hat can be sold for two different styles of price: a long-tail and a couveaus. 


The price of a long hat is lower than the price of the couvreaus The price of French style hats varies a lot

When The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gets a Soundtrack

Link, a.k.a. the hero of Hyrule, is an oddity in this Zelda universe.

He’s a guy who’s been kidnapped and brought to the moon by a mysterious being.

The moon’s moons are also inhabited by sentient, giant, flying monsters known as Waddle Dees, and Link has been tasked with hunting them down and rescuing the kidnapped princess.

His adventure starts in the forest, where Link is given a small village by a wise man named Toto.

Toto tells Link to go find a “magic book,” which he finds to be a book titled the Book of Light.

After the hero finds the book, he finds himself in a cave.

Link finds a man named Gerudo who tells him that the land he’s looking for is called the Great Woods.

Link then finds the first of his many encounters with the Waddle-Dees, a race of mysterious creatures with a long and sinister history.

These creatures are named after a mythical beast, the Woad.

These Woads are said to be able to communicate with each other through the Great Trees.

This means that the Wedding of the Goddess is a sacred ceremony that takes place in the Great Wood every spring.

And it’s a big deal that Link and the Wootles are being held hostage by a giant beast.

The story takes place over two decades after the events of the original Legend of Link.

In the meantime, the protagonist is kidnapped by the Wawd, a giant monster that’s also known as the Wod.

The Wod kidnaps people by taking their souls and turning them into Woot.

They’re also known to use magic to summon powerful monsters.

When the hero returns to the village, he encounters Toto, who informs him that he’s to be the leader of the Woods and they must kill him if they want to get the book back.

Link heads off to the Greatwood and manages to find the book in the Wd.

He finds Gerudo and the villagers, and after a bit of talking, he manages to take the book and return it to Toto’s house.

It’s at this point that the game’s plot begins.

There’s nothing particularly special about the plot of Breath of this Zelda game.

In fact, it’s fairly simple.

Link gets into a battle with a giant Woot named Ganon.

Ganon, in his infinite wisdom, gives Link a magical spell to defeat Link, and Ganon is able to summon the Wok-Dee and the other Woot-like creatures to fight Link.

The battle is over, and then Link returns to Totos village.

There, Toto reveals to Link that he is the mysterious person who’s taken the Wot’s souls and turned them into the Wami-Wode, which are Woot monsters.

The villagers then learn that Toto has a “sacred” ceremony at the Great Tree where they sacrifice their souls in order to protect the sacred forest.

The village members then turn the Wwod-Dae against Toto and save him from Ganon’s evil.

But the villagers aren’t the only ones who are being forced to sacrifice their lives.

The Great Trees also have a curse that keeps them from turning to Wod-Wod monsters.

During this curse, Woot and Wod monsters attack each other, and when they do, the villagers must fight their way out of the forest.

It seems the village members don’t like fighting their way through the forest to save the Great Spirits, but when Link defeats the Wtod-dae, the village is saved from the curse.

So the villagers decide to fight back and fight the Wamis-Wodes instead.

The fight against the Womis-wode and the village becomes a battle between good and evil.

And so the story begins.

In Breath of, Breath of Woot, Breath’s first story, the world’s first playable Woot protagonist is Link.

He is a young boy who has no memory of his past life and has been raised by Toto as a warrior.

He has no memories of his time on the moon, and he has no idea of the Great Forest or the Great Water.

But when he’s kidnapped by a Woot on the Great Road, Link wakes up in a new world.

He starts off in Hyrule with Toto to learn about the Great Great Woods and his duties to the villagers.

The first thing he learns about the world is that he can turn into Wot by touching a Great Tree.

The world’s second thing is that Link can be turned into a Wod by touching an Great Tree in the Land of Ooo.

The third thing is about the World Tree.

When Link is captured by a bunch of Wots, he meets Toto in the World Woods.

But after his encounter with Tots, Link’s memories are wiped out, and his memories are only

How to pick your next Dallas Cowboy hat

DALLAS, Texas — How do you pick your Dallas Cowboy hats?

You pick them, because this year the Dallas Cowboys are taking over the home of the Dallas Hat Company.

The Dallas Cowboys took over the Dallas hat factory in 2015, and this year, the team will have a new look on its hands.

They’ll also be celebrating the birth of the company’s new president and CEO, Jim Brown.

The Dallas Cowboy has made several big changes to the look of its uniform since the beginning of the season.

Here are some of the changes they made.

In October, the Cowboys announced the unveiling of the new uniform, a look that includes a new helmet design that mimics the look and feel of the team’s current uniforms.

It also includes a number of new hats and other items.

This year’s uniform also features a number that will be familiar to Dallas fans, the Dallas Cowboys.

On the field, the new look is a mix of a full-body uniform with an athletic helmet.

There’s also a more traditional look with an all-black look.

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