New York Times headlines ‘Coconut’ in honor of President Donald Trump



President Donald J. Trump (R) is sworn in at the Capitol after being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States in Washington, U.S., February 20, 2021.

(REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)FILE PHOTO: US President Donald Trumps inauguration in Washington DC, U, February 21, 2021, before being sworn into office.

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)The New York Post on Thursday published a piece by former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort that highlighted the similarities between the two hats.

“Cocoon-y, tattered and not a lot of things are new about the hat worn by President Trump, but a certain political savvy has been added to the design,” the piece, titled “Donald Trump’s Coconut Hat,” said.

It was headlined by a picture of Trump wearing a “cloche” hat, a traditional North American hat worn with a crown, and an image of a turtle, which was the symbol of the Ku Klux Klan.

The New Yorker also published a similar piece titled “A Coconut Hat: A Presidential Candidate’s Hat of Hatred and Hate,” which said Trump’s “cliche” and “hatred” is “not an insult.”

How to stop the hate and save your life from hate and hate speech

A new poll shows Americans are ready to take on hate speech, with 63 percent of respondents saying they would rather “stop hate speech from reaching me than get involved with it.”

The survey by the Center for American Progress found 57 percent of Americans said hate speech is “more harmful” to the United States than terrorist attacks.

That’s up from 58 percent in June.

“The more hate I hear and the more people I see, the more I want to stop it,” said David E. Green, co-founder of the Center and co-director of the poll.

“That’s why it’s so important that we are at the table and talking about it and making it stop.”

Pollsters interviewed more than 1,000 Americans over three days in mid-May.

It found a wide range of responses.

Sixty-three percent said they would be “very” or “somewhat” interested in stopping hate speech and hate groups from spreading hate.

Slightly fewer than half said they think hate speech should be illegal, but those numbers are not statistically significant, according to the pollsters.

“I am not against free speech,” said Katie Waggoner, a 24-year-old from Portland, Oregon, who lives in Chicago.

“But hate speech can get to the point where it gets to the level of a crime.

That shouldn’t happen.”

More than half of Americans, 57 percent, say the government should step in to stop hate speech.

“People have a right to free speech.

But they have to be respectful of others,” said Waggoni.

More than half, 57% of Americans support a law that would make it a crime to promote hate.

“There’s no question in my mind that the hate in the world is out of control,” said Samia Sengupta, a 25-year old from Seattle.

“It’s not a place where we want to be.

But we have to say something about it.”

Sengupaso said she is “extremely frustrated” by the political climate.

“If you think that you are going to live in a peaceful society, then it’s not going to happen,” she said.

“It’s very important that people are standing up for what they believe in,” said Michelle Stier, a 28-year resident of New York City who lives near Philadelphia.

“And I think we have a lot of room to improve.

People have to start being more open to what others think, and that starts with talking about these things.”

Sengupta said she feels her city has gotten “too cozy” with politicians who talk about hate, but the hate is not going away.

Stier said she wants to get involved in her community to make it better.

“My first question is, how do I do it?

How do I get involved and make sure that I am doing something?” she said, adding that the country needs to be a better place.

“We can’t be a country that does this kind of thing,” Stier said.

How to make a western hat

The western hat is an elegant piece of apparel, perfect for the modern modern gentleman or woman.

It is not a traditional hat because it does not require a face mask, nor a mask.

In this article we will cover the process of making your own western hat. 

The basic process of building your own Western hat is relatively simple.

The hat must be made from wool and wool-dyed cotton.

The process for creating a western is similar to the traditional sewing process, and the finished product should have a clean, white finish.

First, we will use a machine that we can borrow from our local hobby shop to create a small head of wool and a small hat.

 The machine we use will be able to produce a head of a wool yarn that is about the same size as a regular wool hat.

This head of cotton yarn is then cut into sections of about 4 inches by 4 inches, and each section is then sewn together.

To start, we need to cut out the sections of wool that we want to use for the head of the hat.

The easiest way to do this is to start with a straight piece of yarn and then use a circular saw to cut through the middle of it.

Then, we use the circular saw, and when the piece is cut we will end up with a flat piece of wool.

Once the sections are cut, the head is then shaped into a shape that will match the hat you want to wear.

Once the head section is shaped, we start to make the head, which is what is called a head section.

For our head section, we cut the sections into 4 equal lengths, then we cut a hole in each of the four lengths and then sew the two sections together.

The first section of wool, which we will call the head piece, is then folded over and folded again, then the other two sections are folded together, and finally the head portion is sewn up.

Once this is done, we can use the same method for the next two sections of yarn, and so on until the entire head is completed.

Once we have the head complete, we begin the sewing process.

The process of sewing together the head sections is quite simple.

First we have to cut the head from the wool and then the head pieces, which takes a little time.

Once it is done we then fold the head over and sew it into place. 

Once we have our head in place, we then need to take the head and sew the sections together, this is very important.

Once again, this process is very simple.

Once all of the head parts are sewn, we add the mask and mask sleeves to the head.

This will add a nice finish to the hat and it is a great way to keep the head warm during cold weather.

Next, we are going to sew the head into the hat, and this is where things get tricky.

To sew the mask onto the head we need two pieces of sewing thread.

First one we use is a thick piece of thread, then one of the thicker pieces is a little smaller.

This is called the mask thread, and it has to be very small.

Once you have the mask threads, you will then need a long piece of sewing string.

The longer the thread the longer the time it takes to sew.

You can sew the thread very tightly or loosen the thread a little.

After all of that is done you will have a piece of mask threads that are very small, but the mask is ready to go. 

For the second piece of fabric, we sew it in the exact same way, just like the mask, but instead of using the mask to sew it, we simply sew the piece of cloth that we need the mask on.

Once everything is finished, you can fold the mask up and put it on the head for the perfect look.

To finish off the hat is where it gets a little more complicated.

To create a hat for a gentleman, we first need to sew some fabric onto the hat for the hat to have a nice, thick hat.

Sewing fabric is an important step in the hatmaking process, but it can be a little tedious at times.

After everything is sewed together, the hat should be finished.

After the hat has been completed, we remove the mask from the head part, and sew a new piece of the mask fabric to the bottom of the piece.

We then put the mask back on, and we now have a new hat!

This is a very simple process that requires a bit of time and patience.

If you have any questions about how to make your own hat, you should reach out to us.

We will be happy to help.

What do you think of these cowboy hats?

The cowboy hat was the original, iconic accessory for the cowboy, and the first one to make its way into the mainstream, with a distinctive shape, a cowboy’s cap, and a wide brim that made it a popular accessory for cowboy hats.

However, the cowboy hat is now mostly a fashion accessory for men.

A lot of guys now wear them and a lot of women have their own version, and that’s where we are today.

But that doesn’t mean that the hat is out of style.

The hat has been around since the 1800s, and many styles of cowboy hats have evolved over time, but there are some things that continue to set the hat apart from the other hats of the day.1.

The brim2.

The color3.

The style of the hat4.

The designThe cowboy hat has changed a lot over time.

In the early 1800s the hat was primarily a hat worn by men, but it soon became a fashionable accessory for women as well.

Some hat styles evolved to become cowboy hats, while others stayed with the traditional shape.

Today, the most popular style is the “cowboy” style, which has the brim of a hat and the sides of a baseball cap.

This is the classic cowboy hat and has been used by a lot more men than women.

The classic cowboy style is a lot simpler than many other styles, which is why the hat still looks good with a hat tied around your neck.

The brim of the cowboy is a big part of the design.

It has a brim that has a rounded shape, which makes it look like a baseball.

The top of the brim is also round, making it easy to put on and take off.

When you put on a cowboy hat, it’s usually the top of your head that is covered with the brim, and it’s often a long, flat brim like this.

When it’s the top that is not covered, the hat’s bottom can be seen, but the brim can be hidden behind a belt or a collar.

A belt is typically a long leather strap that goes around your waist, and this can also be the top or bottom of the cap.

A cap is usually a long metal piece that has two openings in it.

The opening of the top cap has a small hole, and on the other side of the opening is a larger hole.

These holes can be used to make a belt.

The shape of the hats is very important.

The cowboy hats are traditionally shaped like a large “L” with a rounded top.

The hats that come in this style are often decorated with a large number of stars.

These stars are usually made from a thick, brownish-colored material that is hard to see, and can be very distracting to the wearer.

However this material is often made of gold and silver, and when worn with the cowboy hats these stars can sometimes be gold and/or silver.

The stars can also often be embroidered on the brim or on the sides or top of hats.

These can be simple designs that don’t look like stars or designs that show up a lot, or they can be intricate designs that can be really noticeable.

The type of materials used in the hat can vary, depending on what type of hat it is.

Most cowboy hats come in the classic style, with the top and bottom being made of leather, and some have metal caps that are covered with a metal lining.

Other cowboy hats include the “wool hat” or “cloak,” which is made of a soft, soft wool and has a wide top and a small top with an open hole in it that can easily be put on or taken off.

Other hats with this type of design include the classic “wolverine hat” that has the top open, and “buckler,” which has a larger brim that’s made of an open, wide brim and a metal collar.

There are also hats that have a brim and/ or cap that are both a traditional hat and a cap.

The cap can be made of thick leather, a very light material, or it can be thin leather.

A cowboy hat with a cap and brim usually has a lot to do with the style of hat.

The most common cap styles are the “buckle” and “kilt,” which have a very narrow brim that fits on the shoulders and is usually lined with a thick material.

The kilt cap style is often worn by women because it has the cap in the middle of the body, but is also popular with men because it’s more comfortable than a kilt.

The “bowtie” style is similar to a bowtie cap, but with a larger, wider brim.

This style of cap has the bottom of it covered with another material that can look like silk or a leather lining.

The material used is usually leather or brass, and is often decorated in patterns.

This type of cap also is often used for cowboy costumes, and has become a staple in the industry.

In addition

What is the Gucci hat?

From the company’s official website: The Gucci Hat is a timeless piece of Americana that has been worn by generations of American men.

The Guccis classic style is made with the finest materials, handcrafted with care, and handcrafted by hand in the U.S.A. It has been crafted in the same factory that makes our signature boots and jeans.

Its made in America and proudly made in the USA.

The traditional design has been kept alive in the latest innovation, the classic hat that is made from soft, cotton canvas.

The original hat has been re-designed and expanded to create a hat that stands the test of time.

Gucci hats are available in a range of sizes, styles, and colors to complement every taste and occasion.

The perfect gift for any occasion.

How to buy and wear fedora hats in 2017

There are many ways to wear a fedora in 2017.

There’s the traditional look that you can get with a pair of fedoras and a pair.

There are even a few hats that are specifically designed for that style of wear.

But how do you find the right pair?

Let’s find out.

Read More and learn the basics of what you need to get the most from your fedora.

If you’re looking for a simple and stylish fedora, check out these stylish styles for men.

For a more traditional look, we recommend the classic styles like the cowboy hat, the baseball cap, or the red and white cap.

The hats have been around for a long time and have become more popular in recent years.

There are plenty of hat styles for women, too.

They’re the ones that are perfect for those times when you’re going to be wearing a traditional outfit, and you want a hat that will match.

Here are a few styles that you may want to try on.

A modern look with a touch of sophistication and flairA simple, chic, and timeless look with vintage flairThe classic and timeless style for the ultimate in styleThe traditional and vintage look with timeless styleThe modern and modern look for the perfect fall hatStyle that works for anyoneIf you want something a little more casual and casual in style, you can check out the traditional and classic styles that are best suited for summer, autumn, and winter.

There is also a timeless look for spring and summer.

A timeless and timeless classic styleFor a slightly more classic look, you might want to go with a hat for fall.

The classic style is a good fit for those days when you need a casual hat for the summer and you don’t want to be spending money on a new hat every summer.

The modern and classic style have a more timeless look and feel that will also make you look more professional.

For something a bit more traditional, you may also want to check out a hat with a modern flair.

The traditional and timeless styles have a vintage feel and look that will fit well in any outfit.

For this look, a hat is a great choice.

A vintage and classic look for summerThe classic look has a retro feel that’s perfect for summer.

You’ll have the classic hat in the winter, but it will still have that classic vibe.

The classic hat is one of the best choices for a summer look, and this summer look has all of the elements that are classic, classic, and classic.

This modern and timeless hat has all the elements of the classic style, but in a modern and contemporary feel.

The hat looks great in either a traditional or contemporary outfit.

If that sounds like a lot of hats, there are some other hat styles that have been popular for a while.

There you’ll find a number of hat options that you’ll love.

Here are some of the most popular hat styles in 2018:The classic, retro, and traditional hat for summer and autumn.

A classic hat that is perfect for fall, but also perfect for the spring seasonIf you’ve been wanting to try out a classic hat, you’ve come to the right place.

You can check them out at a variety of hats for men and women.

How ‘New Era’ hats are changing the way Americans wear their hats

When the last major election rolled around, the New Era hats were a hit.

The trend was a big success in its first year, with the hats being sold out at Macy’s and Target.

But that wasn’t enough to keep the hats in fashion, so the hat companies had to bring back the hats and create a new look.

That’s what happened with the “New Era” hats.

The “New era” hat is now called a “fur hat.”

And the trend has been so popular that hat makers are producing more and more of them.

Here’s what you need to know about the new “fur hats.”

How do “fur” hats get their name?

The term “fur,” coined in the 1920s, is derived from the word “fur.”

The word “fursuit” is the name of a sport of “fur-shaking” in which players wear hats made out of fur or fur accessories, according to Wikipedia.

When “fur’s” original meaning is translated into English, “fur” is generally associated with animals or fur products.

Fur is the most recognizable component of a hat.

But hat makers also use other terms to describe the style, such as “fancy” or “fuzzy.”

They sometimes also use the word fur to describe other kinds of products.

What’s the difference between a “furry hat” and a “new era hat”?

A “fairy fur hat” is one made from a natural fabric.

These hats were popular during the 1980s and 1990s and were popular with teens.

“Furry hats” are made from the same fabric, but have been marketed toward kids.

They typically have the same style as a regular “fur fur hat,” but with a little extra embellishment.

The term was created by a fur hat company called Fairy Fur, which has since gone out of business.

How many hats are there?

The New Era hat has about 1,600 different colors and can be worn on a variety of occasions, according a website called

The hat’s popularity has made it a fashion trend, and hat makers have been making a lot of them to meet demand.

What about the history of fur hats?

In the late 1700s, fur hats were often worn by the aristocracy, and people of color in particular.

The fur hats, like the “fury” hats, were popular among royalty.

The hats were first popularized by Elizabeth Barrett Browning in the late 1800s and eventually adopted by the English aristocracy.

How do fur hats fit into modern American life?

“New eras” are hats that were made for women, according the hat makers.

The style has evolved over time, with many new designs being introduced in the last few years.

For example, the hat with the golden stripe pattern was popular in the 1940s, according it to hats.

But it is a fashion item now.

In the last decade, “furish” hats have become popular as well.

The new trend has attracted more attention and is often paired with other trendy styles.

Here are some examples: The “fur coat” is a traditional hat for a person of color.

It has the “fur furs” motif.

This hat is popular among women.

It was designed by Kate Spade in 2007.

How to ski with a hammer

On the morning of February 22, 2014, a group of skiers and snowboarders from across the UK were preparing for a long weekend in the mountains, which would see them cross the country and head north.

The day before they had taken a short break in the village of Wye in Somerset, to visit a farm where the family of two men from South Wales had worked for more than 50 years.

They were planning to visit the farm again and continue the winter holidays they had been planning.

The family, a married couple from Ballymun, had been working on the farm for about two years and were looking forward to returning to the mountains for the summer months.

They had recently moved to the village and they were looking for the best place to live.

The farm had just been sold for £25,000 to a new buyer.

The couple, who were expecting a baby boy, had decided to take a short trip to the mountain village.

They spent the day skiing and enjoyed the scenery.

The next day they were back in the local park and enjoyed another day of skiing.

But it was a different story when they turned around.

A car was heading the wrong way, and the driver was speeding.

The man was carrying a hammer.

When they turned to look for help, they saw that the car had been stolen.

The police had already responded to the scene and arrested the driver, who was later released on bail.

When he returned to the police station a week later, the man had been given an 18-month prison sentence.

The events of the day in the summer of 2014 had inspired the story of Peter Wye.

Peter, who is now in his early 60s, is an active member of the ski community in Somerset.

He has a passion for the mountains and has been skiing for more and more years.

He is currently working on his 60th birthday and is looking forward for a break from the mountains.

“When I was little I had a fascination with the mountains,” he said.

“My mum would tell me about the mountains when she was young, so I knew they were there.

I would spend hours climbing them, and when I was a kid I always wanted to go out and go for a ride.”

As a young man, Peter began to ski and had started his first race when he was aged 14.

He became a competitive skier when he started at the age of 16 and continued to compete in his late teens and early 20s.

In 2013 he was elected as a member of South Wales’ Snowboarder of the Year and was later named as one of the top five in the country.

In 2014 he won the Northern Snowboarders’ Championship and in 2015 he was named the best skier in the world.

But, more than that, Peter Woe is an extremely active skier.

He runs a snowboard shop in the town of Wigton, which is in Somerset and he also holds events on the weekends.

Peter has always enjoyed the mountains as a child, but he says his passion for skiing began in his mid-20s.

“I remember my mum saying to me, ‘Peter, we have to get you skiing’, and I was like, ‘No, mum, I love the mountains,'” he said, adding that the thought of going out for a run and taking part in a race helped to spark his passion.

“Then, at that time, I was doing everything I could to make it to the top of the mountain and I went skiing every weekend,” he continued.

“It was all about getting out there and going for it and making the most of the time I had, and skiing was something that was important to me.”

It took Peter three years of training and dedication to become a professional skier, but it was the thrill of the sport that really drew him back.

“A few years ago I took the opportunity to ski a few times and I remember it was fantastic,” he recalled.

“The first time I got a bit more comfortable with the sport I was riding a big skier and then a big snowboarder and I had to put my feet up to be able to ski, so it was really nice.”

Peter’s passion for snowboarding and skiing started when he left school at the same time as his brother Peter and sister Sara, but was able to continue the tradition of skiing with the help of their dad Peter.

“We were all very much into snowboarding as a kid and my dad was the first to get us started,” he explained.

“He taught us how to ride and taught us to ski.

It was a big thing, but we were very passionate about it.”

The family has been snowboarding since the late 1980s and have also been involved in various skis and snowboarding courses around the country, with Peter being the only member of his family to have ever done a full-time snowboard trip.

“In the early days we were skiing a lot, but then we started to get

When Donald Trump was a celebrity, the pink cowboy hats were still a thing

By Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Raheem Kassam-McIntyre February 24, 2018 “I used to dress like a cowboy when I was a kid, but I never wanted to go out in the real world, so I wore a pink cowboy outfit to work.

I was really proud of it.”

– Donald Trump, speaking at the 2016 Republican National Convention, in Cleveland, Ohio, July 19, 2016.

The President of the United States of America was the most famous celebrity in America for being an outspoken and outspokenly racist and xenophobic figure.

Trump’s famous “Make America Great Again” hat was made famous by the image of a cowboy hat with a cowboy head on top, worn by Trump at rallies during his presidential campaign.

The hat was sold at Donald Trump Jr.’s Trump International Hotel in New York City from 1995 to the present, and Trump, who wore the hat at rallies on several occasions during the 2016 election, frequently wore it at political events, including his inauguration in January 2017.

The cowboy hat was so popular that it spawned a new style, the “pink cowboy hat.”

Trump’s “pinky cowboy hat” was a popular item among his fans and followers, who were so fond of wearing the hat that it was even featured in merchandise and merchandise of the time.

However, as time passed, the hat lost its popularity and Trump’s popularity in the eyes of many Americans plummeted.

In response, the president of the American Conservative Union (ACU) launched a campaign to get rid of the hat.

In March 2018, the ACU published an op-ed in The New York Times titled, “Trump hat must go,” arguing that Trump’s hat was “offensive, sexist and a distraction from his message and policies.”

The ACU’s op-eds are a way for Trump’s supporters to use social media to communicate their feelings about the President of a free and open country, arguing that the hat “is not American.”

“The hat should not be worn, it should not exist in America.

It is a distraction to his campaign, it is an insult to American values and it is divisive,” said Paul M. Thomsen, senior director of the ACUS’s Political Action Committee.

“It is a hat that the President wears and a hat he wears often.

It’s not something we want to be associated with.”

The ACU is now calling on the president to make a formal apology for wearing the “Make American Great Again Hat.”

“While there is no one right way to respond to the hat, it’s important that the president make an official statement of apology and to end the hat controversy,” said Thomsesen.

The American Conservative University, the nation’s largest conservative think tank, released a statement in response to the ACUs op-alison, saying that the “Pinky cowboy Hat” has become an “iconic symbol of white supremacy” and that the ACUC is “strongly urging President Trump to end its sale, as it is offensive, sexist, and divisive.”

“We are glad that the American Conservatism University has spoken out about the fact that the ‘pink’ cowboy hat is a racist, xenophobic, and demeaning symbol of the Republican Party, and the fact is, the ‘Pinky’ is a very common and ubiquitous symbol of hate and racism in American culture, and it has not only been sold on eBay, but it has been worn by the President and his family,” the statement read.

“We also strongly urge President Trump, at a time when the hat is being used by his family and allies to promote their racist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, and white supremacist ideology, to end this iconic symbol of racist and anti-immigrant hatred and promote a new hat that is more representative of our nation’s history.”

President Trump will have an opportunity to speak to the media on Friday, February 24 at 10:30 a.m.

Eastern/10:30 Pacific, in front of the White House, to discuss the “Pink Cowboy Hat.”

A number of Republican lawmakers have announced they will oppose the president’s decision to end his “porky cowboy hat,” including Representatives Steve Scalise and David Schweikert of Arizona and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

“If you get rid, they’re going to take your hats, they’ll wear your hats all over the country. “

You can’t just get rid the hat,” Trump said during his inauguration speech.

“If you get rid, they’re going to take your hats, they’ll wear your hats all over the country.

You can’t do that.”

Trump continued his comments by saying, “There are going to be some very bad people in this country.

And you better be ready for them.”

In response, ACU President Thomser issued a statement calling on Congress to

How to spot and remove fake online ads

A lot of us use Google AdSense to promote our own websites and apps.

But when we do it for someone else, the ads can be fake.

Now a group of researchers at the University of Michigan have come up with a new way to combat that problem.

They developed a way to detect fake ads in a user’s AdSense history, as well as in the pages they visit.

The team used a new technique to detect these ads on a user-generated site.

“If you are going to be paying a developer for something that will be shown on your website, you want it to be legitimate,” said graduate student and first author Emily A. Hirsch.

“The more legitimate the ads are, the better.”

The team looked at the sites’ Google Adsense histories, and found that they were being displayed to users for an average of 1,000 ads per month.

For the most part, the sites were displaying genuine adverts, but sometimes the ads were faked, or there were no ads at all.

For example, in the United States, the U.K. and Australia, users are able to report bogus ads on the AdSense pages they are viewing.

They can then flag these pages as fraudulent.

The researchers found that these sites were being shared in the form of links, but that the links were also showing fake adverts.

To see if the sites they were visiting were showing fake ads, the researchers used a web scraping technique.

Using a simple Python script, they were able to find fake links on the websites of several U.S. news organizations, including ABC News and CNN.

The links were all either showing legitimate ads, or the same adverts were being presented for the first time.

Then, the team analyzed the links to the fake ads and found some sites were actually showing fake links that were being promoted by the same person.

The researchers then identified the user who was being promoted on the fake sites, and identified the fake site with the fake link.

This led them to track down the person who was actually behind the ad.

In a second step, they identified the person behind the fake ad, and blocked their account.

After the block was lifted, the users’ AdSense ads were no longer showing up in their browser history.

The sites were now showing the real adverts in their AdSense logs.

These findings are exciting, Hirsch said, because it gives us a much better picture of how we can detect the fake content and remove it from our AdSense histories.

When users sign up for an AdSense account, they can also be able to view their AdSpaces history to see what ads are displayed in their browsing history.

If the user’s browsing history indicates that they are using the fake AdSense, then they should be able spot them.

But the researchers said that the real world isn’t as clean.

It’s not possible to identify people behind fake ads just by looking at their AdWords accounts.

Another way to identify fake ads is to look at their own ads.

If a user is seeing legitimate ads from another user, but is also seeing a fake ad from that same user, then the AdSpast group can flag that as a possible ad.

This is the same technique that Google uses to detect the presence of fake links in their search results, but the group said that this technique is much more difficult to perform.

Google requires the sites to be hosted on a legitimate domain, or they would be flagged by Google.

The group’s solution is to use a technique called geo-tagging, in which a site’s DNS records are used to flag a site as a potential site for fraud.

So far, geo-tags have only been used to detect spoofed ads, which could be faked links.

But this technique could also be used to spot fake ads that are being shared among other users.

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