What do the white hat and the beret hat have in common?

White hats are an increasingly popular accessory for fashion designers and fashion houses, but they aren’t the only hats worn by the military.

They’re also a fashion accessory for the elite and the military, who have adopted the hats as a way to show off their military heritage.

Here are five of the best hats to wear in uniform.1.

The U.S. Military HatMilitary hats have a long history in the United States military.

Soldiers have worn them since the 17th century, but the military was never as popular as it is today.

During World War I, soldiers wore hats as part of their uniform, and hats for both men and women were issued in 1915.

In the 1960s, military women wore white hats, and the hats for men were made from cotton.

In 2016, the hats became more widely available, with the United Kingdom and Australia adopting the same style in 2018.

The hat is a white piece of fabric with a single vertical slit through the middle.

The hat is worn on the head and shoulder.

The military’s preference for white hats dates back to the Revolutionary War, when the American Revolution ended the British-American war.

Soldiers were required to wear hats for protection from the elements and the cold, so they began to wear them as part-time attire.

Today, soldiers wear a wide variety of hats, but many are decorated with a white ribbon and white stripes.

In 2017, the U.K. introduced a new hat, the Military Hat.

The British Army has since adopted the style as part a wider array of uniforms.2.

The Army HatThe Army Hat is a custom-made hat worn by many different organizations in the U, U.A.S., and U.N. countries.

The army uses a variety of colors, with white being the most popular.

The uniform includes the insignia of the United Nations and the United State of America.

The Army hat is made from a soft wool fabric and has a single slit through its center.

The soldier is wearing a white hat with a ribbon around the middle of the hat.

The United States also uses the Army Hat as a uniform color.3.

The Green HatThe green hat is one of the most recognizable hats in the world.

It is worn by some of the world’s most renowned musicians and celebrities, including Prince William and Prince Harry.

The green hat has a wide color range, and it is often adorned with white, white-and-blue ribbons.

The most popular colors are orange and yellow.

The military also uses this hat for military exercises.

The green uniform has a horizontal stripe running across the center of the front and back of the uniform, with blue on the front.

The soldiers are also allowed to wear their own uniforms.4.

The Navy HatThe Navy Hat is another of the military’s most popular hats.

The navy uniform has horizontal stripes running across each side of the helmet and the top of the crown.

The colors include white, blue, and red.

The navy uniform was first adopted in 1941.

Since then, it has been worn by women and men in uniform, as well as in the military and in sports, including boxing, swimming, and table tennis.5.

The Marine Corps HatThe Marine Corps hat is similar to the Navy hat, but it is made of a more lightweight fabric.

The Marines wear the hat as part their uniform and can choose a variety different colors.

The blue is usually the color of the sailor, but there are also several shades of blue available for men and females.

The Marine’s hat has three different colors: blue, white, and gray.

The black and white are often worn together as a single color.6.

The Special Forces HatThe Special Forces hat is the military uniform of the elite forces.

This hat is designed to make the wearer stand out from the crowd, which is why the military has long worn it as a fashion statement.

The special hat features a three-striped brim and a black stripe on the back.

The color of each band on the hat can vary from the military green to black.

This is the most important part of the special hat, which features a stripe of black at the top, blue on each side, and a white stripe at the back, with a star on each end.7.

The Royal Canadian RegimentHatThe Royal Canadian Legion has the highest number of Special Forces soldiers and veterans in the country.

Soldiers wear their special hats on a regular basis, but soldiers can also wear the military hat for personal occasions.

The Royal Canin hat is not worn by all soldiers.

The Legion has several special hat colors and colors for special occasions, such as military weddings and military funerals.

The uniforms of the Legion vary from color to color, and sometimes it includes a stripe at each band.

The men wear their hat with white stripes at the sides, while the women wear their uniform with blue

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