When the Movember March arrives in Washington, D.C.

D.F. : The Movember event, scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 25, in Washington will feature over 70,000 participants.

The March is also expected to draw many more people than its predecessor, Movember in February 2017.

But with a smaller and more local contingent, the event has fewer volunteers, according to organizers.

In Washington, organizers say they expect over 100,000 people to participate.

The event, which will begin at 8 p.m. and conclude at 10 p.t., will be livestreamed on the Washington Movember Facebook page.

In addition to Movember, the Washington March will feature a variety of other events that aim to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

The organization also is holding its own March for Men.

The annual event, also called the March for the Cure, is also planned for the week of March 3.

The Maturation of Men’s Voices event, in New York City, will also be held in the city this month.

There, M.E.A.R.D.E., a national organization dedicated to reducing suicide and suicide attempts among men, has teamed up with the M.F.-D.C.-based Men’s Rights Activists to create a series of events that will highlight the importance of men’s voices in addressing the issues of suicide, domestic violence, and the impact of mental illness on men and their families.

For more information, visit the META website.

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