Man who washes his hat for a living explains why he doesn’t wear it

A man who says he has a hobby of washing his hat daily for a career in the business of hats and other garments has shared his reasons for the choice.

A recent photo of a man in his 30s wearing his daily “scrub hat” was shared by John O’Brien on Instagram.

“I love hats,” the bearded man said.

“I love washing them.

I love cleaning them.

My job is to wash them.

It’s fun.

I don’t think hats are really cool or anything.

But I love washing hats.””

I wash my hats because I love hats.

I think that is the main reason.

I’m so glad I do it.

I mean I love it.

It makes me feel good.

I wash them, I wash my hands, I do all the things that you do to make it look nice.”

O’Brien is an experienced fabricator who has been working in the manufacturing industry for more than a decade.

He has previously worked as a hair stylist and in his spare time, he has been helping others wash their hats daily.

“If you have a problem with a product, you know it’s not going to work with this product,” O’Brian said.

“And you don’t want to go and try and fix it.

You want to wash it and then fix it.”

He said the “scrubs” that he and his family wash their hat for are made from a mixture of acrylic, wool and linen, which is used to create a protective coat.

“It’s a lot of work.

You have to spend time in the machine.

You need to wash the hat.

You’re washing it twice a day, four times a day,” O.

Brien said.”[But] the main thing is to keep the product in good condition and then I wash it.”


Brien’s hobby has grown since he first started washing hats in 2014.

He is now able to get in on the hobby and now has more than 1,000 hats on hand.

“This is what I have been doing for about seven years now, I think, and I feel like I’m a little bit ahead of the game,” OBrien said of his hobby.

“We just have to get it going.”OBrien said he has had to make some changes to his lifestyle, but not to his profession.

“Not really, but I can’t go out and be a bad guy and say, ‘Oh I’m not going out and washing my hat,'” he said.

O.B. said he is not trying to turn a profit.

“The only thing I’m doing is just cleaning the stuff.

I have to wash and dry it,” he said of washing hats daily in a bid to reduce his environmental footprint.”

You don’t have to do that every day.

But it’s a good way of saving the environment.”


also said he plans to use the money from the hat sale to support a local community garden.

“One of my neighbours has a small garden that is kind of a hub, you don.

But this is where I want to get some of my money,” he explained.”

Hopefully, I can grow some herbs there, maybe grow some vegetables there.”

The man who shared the photo of the scrub hat was not named, but O’B.

confirmed that he was indeed John O. O’Connell, and that he had a long history with the business.

“He was born and raised in Dublin, I guess in the north of Ireland,” OB. explained.

“He’s lived in the UK for a number of years.

And he was born in the south of Ireland, so I guess he was in the Irish south and the south-east.

He went to university and worked for a lot longer than I have.””

We did a business together in the 1980s and we did some small shops there, and then we moved to Australia,” O-B said.

He said his hobby is part of his daily routine, and he hopes to have the opportunity to continue doing so once he returns to his hometown of Dublin.

“When I came back I just thought I would give it a go again and try to find a way to keep doing it, and get my business going again,” O B said.

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