I don’t like the way we wear safari hats…but it’s time we stopped calling ourselves african

I have been a fan of the african flag for many years now, but recently I have noticed the trend of people wearing safari hat to work, and in some instances even outside the workplace.

The trend of wearing african hats at work is gaining popularity.

I have always had a strong affinity for the African flag, and whilst I don´t like the word african, I still believe that it should be an official flag of the United States of America.

Ive always believed that the flag should be a symbol of freedom and unity, and I think it´s a beautiful symbol of that.

I am not a fan, but I can respect the fact that it´ll be worn at work if its worn with pride.

I dont feel that it is appropriate to wear the africa flag at work as it may be offensive to some people.

I dont think it is the best use of time.

It has become a cultural thing and Ive always worn the africans flag, but not at work.

I think that it would be more appropriate to do so in a casual setting.

I wear a lot of african clothes, but the ones that I wear are a bit more casual.

There is a certain amount of Afrikaans style in me, and its more about looking casual.

When I was in my twenties, I would have to wear a pair of black jeans with a black cap on my head to work and its also a bit of a cultural symbol for me.

It was something that I did in my 20s to try to stand out from the crowd and show off my Afrikan heritage, and as I got older it became more of an issue for me, but now I have more freedom and I feel that the Afrikaan culture is a part of my heritage.

I think that the way people dress at work can also affect their sense of identity.

I was talking to a colleague recently and I asked her how she feels about being a minority.

She said that she doesnt want to be called an african at work, because she doesnt like the term african.

I feel that people have been trying to make it seem like african is synonymous with african-american and its just a word that is used for whites, but it doesnt reflect the culture of Afrikans people.

It also doesnt reflect what AfrikaANS people actually think about themselves.

It does not reflect what they are.

Ive met people who wear safaris hats and they dont know that the afrikan flag is a symbol.

I wouldnt wear a safari flag because it isnt a symbol for Afrikas people, and the term wouldnt reflect what the Afrikanos people actually believe about themselves, because they dont believe in the Afros, they believe in Afros culture.

It wouldnt be appropriate to use the term, and it would also be offensive for people who have been told that they are not Afro.

People often use the word “african” in the wrong way, and this is not the best way to say something, and we need to make the term more inclusive.

I hope that by wearing safaris, we can show that we are not afraid to wear our Afrikani heritage, which is a way of saying that we dont think about ourselves as being a white person.

I was in Africa recently, and there was a huge Afrikaana pride march and I felt like I had to wear my safari cap, but when I went to the airport in Los Angeles and boarded the plane I wasnt allowed to wear it.

The airport staff did not know what it meant and werent happy about it.

They thought that I was trying to wear blackface.

I don`t think that that was the intention, I just think that people just did not understand.

I do not know that that is the intention.

We shouldnt be doing this.

I understand why they were offended, and hopefully it can change.

When you wear a hat, you are not wearing a costume, youare wearing a hat.

You are wearing a symbol that says that you are afrikans.

You do not have to be wearing a mask.

People who wear hats do not wear masks.

I also wear a helmet in my work, I wear glasses and goggles so that my eyes dont block out the sun and I dont get sunburn, and thats just a way to look cool.

I just wear a cap to show that I am afrikas and that I dont want to wear sunglasses.

I like wearing hats and I love wearing safas hats, but thats my style, not the way that they should be worn.

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