Why are Canadians so angry with Harper’s new hat?

When it comes to his new hat, Justin Trudeau has a very big problem.

According to data from Statistics Canada, the Liberal leader is the third most hated person in the country.

And while the numbers might not be the worst, they are still pretty embarrassing.

According a new survey from the Angus Reid Institute, Trudeau has the second-most negative feelings toward Canadians in the world.

And his most frequent source of hate?

His wife.

He is the most frequently disliked person in Canada.

The only person who scores higher is his own wife, who has a whopping eight times the negative feelings towards her husband.

In fact, the poll found that, according to the numbers, the average Canadian has an almost equal amount of hatred toward their own husband and wife, according the data.

The poll also found that Canadians were also most likely to believe that Trudeau is a “bad” person.

For example, a whopping 57 per cent of respondents thought that Trudeau’s approval ratings were below the average for Canadian leaders.

It is the second most unpopular opinion in the survey, trailing only that of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

(The other two are American President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May.)

“This poll, which is based on personal experiences and opinions of Canadians, should not be taken as representative of Canadians as a whole,” the Angus Deagovys, a non-partisan, independent think tank that is based in Vancouver, told The Globe and Mail.

“Nor is it representative of the country as a place.”

In fact the poll’s findings seem to be in line with a recent poll that showed Canadians more than twice as likely to say they had never heard of Trudeau.

(Trudeau has a history of making statements that aren’t accurate, such as that his father was a member of the Nazi party.)

But the poll results may not be representative of all Canadians.

The Angus Deags are not the only ones who find Trudeau’s hat offensive.

According the Angus Debates, a poll of 1,400 Canadian adults conducted on October 25-27, more than half of respondents agreed that it was “unacceptable” for a leader to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat.

The survey found that a majority of respondents also agreed that Trudeau was a “poor leader.”

Another poll conducted by Ipsos Reid and Angus Reid showed that Trudeau has an approval rating of 44 per cent in the eyes of the public, which would place him above the other top-ten leaders.

The most unpopular person in our country?

Justin Trudeau, the wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The data from Angus Reid also reveals that more than a third of respondents would not even want to have a debate with Trudeau about how to handle the refugee crisis.

“In an election year, I think there’s a lot of talk about the economy, and that’s what people would like to talk about, but I think they are not really interested in what we’re going to do with the refugee issue,” said Paul Coady, a University of Waterloo professor of political science who was involved in the polling.

“It’s a very sensitive issue.”

That’s not to say the Angus Polls results are out of line.

In addition to the Angus poll, another poll was conducted by Angus Reid in November, and found that 57 per per cent wanted a debate between Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trumps wife, Melania.

The two have been very vocal about their disapproval of each other.

In November, a video of Melania Trump calling Trudeau a “creep” went viral.

In response, the couple released a video message, which went viral in Canada, and has garnered more than 30 million views.

It also led to a debate in the House of Commons.

“I think we need to be clear that we are not talking about a debate, we are talking about two families.

We are talking of two very different leaders,” Trumps husband said.

In his message to Trudeau, Melania wrote, “You are a bully who uses the office of the prime minister to bully Canadians.

You are an empty shell who does not care about the people of Canada.

You have done nothing to help our country in the refugee struggle, and your policies will only make it worse.”

Trumps statement, according at the time, was that “I’m just asking you, what is your plan to help the refugees?

Because you are not doing anything to help refugees.”

The Angus Debats data shows that the two are even closer than their rhetoric suggests.

“For the past couple of weeks, there has been an ongoing dialogue between the Trudeau and Trump families,” Angus Debaters research director, Scott Bruns, told the Globe and the Mail.

The Debates polling also showed that Canadians are more divided over their reaction to the Trudeau-Trump debate than they were when the two were first mentioned in the headlines.

More than half (56 per cent) of respondents felt that the debate was “a negative” and “not very

How to dress like a ‘bucket’ hat pattern

“I hate you.”

That’s how a group of young people on a street in the city of Dushanbe, Moldova, dressed up as a bucket hat, a traditional headdress, in a bid to show support for the country’s pro-Russian opposition, according to a report published by the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

“It’s just so obvious to see that they are trying to show their support for Ukraine,” said Rasha Khokhova, a member of the opposition political party the United Moldova Alliance, who spoke to the paper on condition of anonymity.

“They are wearing hats with the symbol of a Ukrainian flag on them, but the fact that they have made a political statement is very important.”

Dushanbo’s opposition leaders, many of whom are under house arrest, have been staging protests in the capital, Simferopol, since April to demand a return to Ukraine.

The pro-Russia demonstrators who were photographed wearing hats emblazoned with the Ukraine flag in Simferopoly, on the outskirts of the capital Dushampore, Moldovan March 16, 2016.

The anti-government demonstrators, who are seen on the street wearing traditional headdresses and carrying flags, said they were “just trying to protect our land” after the government announced plans to relocate a regional railway line that links the cities of Dziwiske, Simbirsk and Tbilisi to neighboring Ukraine.

“We are not in Ukraine, we are not part of Ukraine,” a masked man, who was wearing a hat emblazed with the Ukrainian flag, told the Times of India.

“We are here to protect the land, to defend the rights of our people, our land.”

The protest, dubbed “Moldova in the Crosshairs,” has been criticized by the opposition as a propaganda stunt.

In the video posted to YouTube, the masked man said the protest was in support of the protesters’ right to freedom of expression.

On Saturday, the opposition protesters gathered outside the Simferopians parliament, where the assembly has been since April.

They were met by hundreds of pro-government protesters who shouted slogans in support and criticized the opposition.

The headdress is traditionally worn by members of the Moldovan military, which is allied with the pro-Ukrainian “People’s Army,” or Poroshenko’s National Guard.

In recent months, the military has begun using paramilitary units in the country.

A spokesperson for the Russian Embassy in Moldova said the group was “wearing a hat with the slogan of the People’s Army of Moldova” as part of a protest in support for Moldova’s pro, pro-EU opposition.

The spokesperson said the embassy would not comment on the actions of individual protesters.

Moldovan authorities have responded to the opposition protests by placing heavy restrictions on the movement of opposition supporters and imposing restrictions on public gatherings, including at government buildings.

On Saturday night, Moldavian Interior Minister Olga Mankova told reporters that there would be “a full review of the situation” in the future.

She said the Interior Ministry would continue to work with all political parties in Moldavia, but also with the opposition, including with its “parties that have been in the opposition.”

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