Why we’re so happy with our safari hats

We have been buying and wearing safari hat since the late 1990s.

But that didn’t mean we stopped buying other hats and accessories.

In fact, as we look to wear the same hat more often, it’s now become a staple of our wardrobe.

We’ve made a few changes over the years to our safaris but, in the end, our safariness is the best part.

So what’s a designer to do when he or she can’t wear the hat?

Well, one company is already doing it.

And it’s called Dad’s Hat, an American-based company that designs, sells and distributes hats.

The company launched in 2014, and today, it has more than 5,000 hats on its website.

For this series, we’re taking a look at its safari-themed hat line, which is one of its highlights.

We’re wearing our safarian hat, but Dad’s hat is the one we want.

It’s an old-school look that’s got all the makings of a timeless favourite.

Read more about Dad’s hats: a safari or a safarmer?

Dad’s has its roots in the US, but the company is based in Australia.

As the name implies, the company has safari and safari gear in stock.

Dad’s founder, Jim Denny, started the company with his brother, Craig.

“We always had a little bit of a love of all things outdoors,” he says.

“I always loved all the things that I was into like hiking, camping and bushwalking, so we started with that.”

Dad’s also been around for a while.

It was founded in 1991, and has grown from there.

“Dad’s has always been a family business,” says Mr Denny.

“My brother and I were both kids when Dad’s started and we were always fascinated by the products that Dad’s had.

It became something we had to try to do, and Dad’s did it for us.”

There’s a lot of history behind Dad’s.

“The family started out making safari apparel in the mid-1970s,” says Dad’s marketing manager and founder, Joe Koppel.

“As a young company, we were able to make some good money from the products.”

The company has also produced a few other products, like the dad hat, which features a simple patterned base and a wide brim, while the grandfather hat has a different design.

Both have been popular in the Australian market, and the company sells the grandfather hats online.

“When you go to the Dad’s website, you’re not just buying the hat, you are also getting the grandfather logo and some other unique pieces that are unique to Dad’s,” Mr Dennies says.

Mr Denton and his brother Craig (left) are among the many designers behind Dad & Dad’s line of hats.

“There’s an appeal to a simple, unadorned look that can easily blend into the outdoors,” says dad hat designer Joe Kuppels.

“A classic American-style safari look with a twist.”

There are other reasons for the popularity of the dad hats.

They are easy to wash and are relatively cheap.

The hat can be worn by kids as a summer hat or for kids who want to be a little more adventurous.

They’re also very functional and make for a stylish look.

“It’s definitely one of our favourite hats for our kids,” says Denny of the hat.

“You can’t go wrong with a dad hat.”

It’s also one of the most durable of all the safari products.

Dad &amps; Dads safari caps come in two sizes, which are the same size as the hat but are a tad bigger.

They come in a variety of colours, and they also come with a handy baggie to carry them on the go.

The Dad &ams; Dad caps are a great option for families, who want something that can withstand a bit of rain or other weather conditions.

“They’re durable, they’re comfortable, they can be washed and they don’t get stained,” says Craig.

The dad hat is not only stylish, but also has a practical purpose.

“Some kids are more adventurous than others,” Mr Kuppel says.

For many, the dad cap is an important accessory.

“For kids, it really makes them want to go outdoors and to explore, and it also helps them to look more attractive in the summer,” says Kupps.

Dad hats are available in a wide variety of different colours and patterns, which also means they can vary from one country to another.

They also come in sizes from small to large, and there are different styles that can be purchased.

Dad hat designer Adam Denny says he likes the versatility of the Dad hat.

It is very versatile.

“Kids can wear it for outdoor activities, hiking, fishing, and just about anything that is

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