How to find the best new hat

You might have to wear your cowboy hat to the movies, but if you’ve been following the new crop of hat designs, you may have to get a new one.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new wave of hat styles.

What are the new hats?

Some hat makers have been churning out hat designs in hopes of tapping into the growing popularity of cowboy hats.

(Photo: John Raoux/The Globe and Mail)A new crop Of hats for a new crop!

Some hat makers, including John Raououx of the Toronto-based company Prairie Fur Company, have been making hat designs to appeal to a growing number of hat haters.

They say they are the first to go for a more “authentic” look, with a more traditional cowboy look, while still retaining a distinctive style.

“It’s really fun to design hats,” says Raouououx.

“It’s fun to go from one to the next.”

He says Prairie Fur has been experimenting with hats for years, and the hats they are making are inspired by real cowboy hats, but also a lot of different hats from other countries.

Some hats are made from cotton yarns, while others are made of fleece, while some have “snowflake” hats with a fur-lined brim.

The Prairie Fur hats are also made with natural wool, a softer, less brittle material than cotton.

But they are made with synthetic yarns.

“If you’ve ever worked in a cotton factory, it’s kind of hard to understand why they would make it in synthetic yarn,” says Randy Vellman, a hat maker at the Vancouver company Tote Bags.

Vellman says hats are often more than just a fashion statement.

“They are part of our culture.

They are part a way of life,” he says.

“They are a symbol of our way of living.”

What is the difference between the old and new hats for the old South?

Some hats have been made from wool yarns or cotton, while other hats are from fleece.

(CBC)Some hats don’t have any natural wool in them.

Some are made out of synthetic yarn, which is harder to work with and can have a higher degree of durability.

Some styles, like the one Prairie Fur is making, are made in countries like the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany.

The Prairie Fur hat, says Raoux, is designed for the “authenticity” of the hats.

Other styles, such as the one at the Toronto company Prairie Furs, are more like those from other parts of the world.

They have a “somewhat more rustic feel to them,” he adds.

Some designs, like those by the Toronto hat maker Prairie Fur, are “very much rooted in the past,” says Vellmann.

“Some are based on the South, but some are more modern.”

He suggests Prairie Fur would make a hat for a woman, not a man.

“If she has a great sense of style, then I think a Prairie Fur may suit her perfectly,” he explains.

He says hats have a special place in the Canadian culture.

“I’ve never seen anybody wear a hat like that outside of Canada,” he said.

“I think it’s one of the reasons why hats have taken on this iconic status.”

Is there a price difference between hats made by Prairie Fur and others?

Not necessarily, says Vettman.

Prairie Fur says it has had some hat-makers come and go, but Prairie Fur does not produce hats that are made by anyone other than Prairie Fur.

Vettman says Prairie F is also going to be producing hats for women, and women have been the most popular choice for hats, he says, because women are generally more creative.

“Women are more attuned to different styles, so it makes sense to cater to that market,” says the hat maker.

He also says Prairie has found that hat hatmakers are more likely to make hats for older people, as they are able to afford them.

“The older the guy gets, the more they are likely to want a hat that has some kind of a nostalgic or cowboy feel,” says Prairie.

“And hats that really carry a certain identity.”

The Prairie Hat hat, like other Prairie Fur styles, is made out for “authentication” and “resonance.”

(John Raoux of Prairie Fur)Do I need a hat to wear a cowboy hat?

It depends.

If you have a good sense of fashion, and you like the look of a hat, then you might want to stick with it.

“The more you like it, the better it is going to work,” says Pat MacMillan, who has made a few hats herself.

She says hats can be great for women and for people who are wearing cowboy hats because they are more comfortable than a man’s hat.

“A man’s cowboy hat is

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