The new Israeli law that allows Jews to wear hats is a big win

The Israeli government is celebrating the passage of a law that it says will make the Jewish people’s hat a sign of belonging to the country.

But some critics say the new law has little or nothing to do with the country’s identity and may be aimed at making a political point.

The government has sought to portray the law as a step toward protecting Jewish identity.

In a statement on Monday, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon said the bill “recognizes that all the citizens of the State of Israel have the right to wear their Jewish identity in a dignified manner, with dignity, without the interference of government authorities.”

The bill’s sponsor, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, said the law will give Jewish communities “the right to be able to say that they are the state of Israel.”

“We want the law to be the first of its kind in the Middle East,” Bennett said in a statement.

He added that the new laws would “allow the Israeli people to feel proud and proud that they can show their Jewishness without the intervention of government officials.”

But the bill is seen by some as part of a wider effort to cement Israeli identity and to cement the country as a Jewish state.

The government has tried to link the bill with the Jewish state’s 1948 establishment, which was a result of the country forming out of a union between the European Union and the Ottoman Empire, a union that was ultimately dissolved by World War I.

The legislation would also provide for the establishment of a national museum and cultural center for the Jewish population of the state, and would allow Jews to take their religion, language and culture into the public sphere.

The bill is part of an effort to bring more attention to Israel’s status as a minority in the country, which is also home to more than one million Jews.

“I think this bill is the first step in the right direction, and in the long run, we will be able recognize the Jewishness of Israel,” said Eliyahu Baruch, a senior researcher at the Israel Democracy Institute, a pro-Israel think tank.

“But the real victory will come in the implementation of the legislation.”

According to a new poll, 71 percent of Israeli Jews support the new bill, while 26 percent oppose it.

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