Which shoes will you buy this holiday season?

adidas, a global maker of footwear and apparel, is bringing its newest model, the adidas Hat, to the United States.

The Hat will debut at select retailers starting November 8th.

The hat, which retails for $160, is a lightweight, open-top, high-quality wool hat that can be used for work or sport, and features a stylish mesh-lined collar and an attached ear clip.

The adidas Headband is the only piece of footwear available that can wear both hats, so the Hat and Headband can be worn as accessories for both the Hat or Headband.

There’s also a removable back piece that attaches to the Hat, so you can customize the Hat with the Hat’s personalized pattern.

The adidas Hairband is an open-bottom, open design with an adjustable elastic and a stylishly designed back that makes it perfect for both men and women.

The headband comes with a removable strap and two side pockets that you can use to store or carry accessories.

The Hairband will be available for $200, and is available for pre-order at select adidas retailers on November 9th.

A few of the other new items available for purchase include the Nike FuelBand, which is a Bluetooth connected band that connects to your iPhone and provides notifications, music, and music recommendations.

The Nike Fuelband has been designed specifically for people who need to be connected to their phones at all times, and will be a popular item for people with iPhones who want to keep their health and fitness trackers up to date on their activity.

The Nike Fuel Band also comes with an LED display that makes for a fun and useful way to show how much you’re drinking or jogging, and it comes with wireless charging, so that you’ll be able to charge your phone while you’re out on the trail or on your way to work.

Nike is also bringing its Power Band, which can be paired with a Bluetooth Smart Watch, to US stores beginning November 9.

The Power Band is designed for people of all ages and levels, and comes with two colors of colors to choose from.

The Adidas RunBand is a new Nike running shoe with a mesh lining and a removable toe cap that can either be worn on the left foot or right foot.

The RunBand comes in two colors, Black and Blue.

Adidas is also releasing the Nike RunWear, a pair of running shoes that can connect to a Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch or smartwatch paired with an Apple Watch, Android Wear or Fitbit smartwatch.

The Watch can track distance and pace, as well as track the weather, calories burned and heart rate.

The shoes can be purchased for $100, and come with a waterproof canvas sole.

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