Which is better? Hockey or football?

This question came up in a discussion about hats with several people, including my colleague Jeff Cohen.

While many people said they liked baseball hats better, I had a hard time agreeing.

So I decided to find out.

We started by reading some stats from the NHL.

Here’s how the league defines hats: “A hat is the head covering that covers the upper part of the head.

Hats are made from a material such as cotton, wool, silk, leather, or other fibrous material.”

Hat is also a name for the protective covering worn over the face.

The NHL is pretty specific about the size and shape of hats.

A size 10 would fit a man’s face, and a size 13 would fit men’s heads.

The league has made hats available in different sizes, and we found that a standard size 10 baseball hat could fit a size 6-8 man.

The most popular hat size, however, is the 12-size.

And while a size 10 or 13 might fit a 6-foot-4 man, a size 12 might fit someone in the 6-5 range.

A 12-person baseball hat is about as big as you’d need for a full-size-8 head.

A 13-person hat is bigger than a full size-8 hat.

So how do baseball hats fit in the modern world?

The NHL says a hat is only appropriate for baseball and hockey players, but the league doesn’t specifically say which team they’re for.

According to Hockey Canada, the players wear their hats when they’re on the ice, in the dressing room, and on the bench during game-time.

Hat is not required during the playoffs.

So hats are typically only worn by the NHL’s top players.

What about the men’s hats?

The most common size for men’s baseball hats is a size 14.

And for men, a hockey hat is a lot smaller.

A hockey hat fits a man in the size 10-12 range, which is about the same size as a baseball hat.

The NFL and NFLPA have issued rules for how hockey and baseball players wear hats, and the rulebook includes the size requirements.

Hat size doesn’t seem to have much to do with the quality of the hockey or baseball hats.

Hockey fans like to wear hats with the same color and style as the player they’re rooting for.

But baseball hat makers aren’t concerned about whether their hats look the same as the players they’re working with.

They make hats for all teams, from the best players to the worst, according to a report from the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The only hats that come close to the players are the baseball and the hockey hats.

The men’s hat is more popular because the baseball players are generally more athletic than the hockey players.

That means the hats come with bigger pockets and a wider brim.

The average baseball player is taller and wider than the average hockey player, which means they’re better able to handle bigger swings and blows.

The hockey players’ helmets also have wider brimming, which helps keep their heads out of the way of bigger hits.

If you’re a baseball player and want to wear a hockey cap, there are a few different hats that fit that need.

Some guys prefer a hat with a brim that fits on top of their head, while others prefer hats that have a larger brim on the back and a shorter brim on top.

It doesn’t matter what type of hat you prefer, the NFL has guidelines for baseball hats that say the brim should fit the head above the chin and the front should be wide enough to fit the chin.

There’s also a rule for hockey hats that says hats should be made from cotton, silk or leather.

The rulebook also says that the brim must be at least 3/8 inch (11 mm) above the top of the neck, which can make it difficult for players to control the brim when wearing a hat.

What do you think?

Have you ever worn a hat in the NHL?

Let us know in the comments.

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