What do the hat pins say about your job?

The hat pins have been a staple of many an employee’s wardrobe since the early 1990s, but some employers are embracing them as part of a new, increasingly “casual” work environment. 

The pins are being widely used by some employers to signal to employees that their job requires more care and attention than a traditional hat and have gained popularity in recent years, according to a new report from The Center for Economic and Policy Research. 

“There’s no question that hats are becoming a part of our lives, and hat pins are a way of showing the casual employee that we care about them,” says Sandra D’Angelo, co-founder of The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR). 

“In a work environment where you are a full-time worker, and you are wearing a hat that says, ‘You’re doing a great job’ to all the people around you, it’s not just about the work itself.

It’s about the attention.” 

For many, a hat pin signifies the end of an extended work day. 

As the title of the report states, the hat pin is a way to signal that the employee is no longer at work, says D’Angelo. 

While it’s unclear what employers are trying to convey, a recent survey found that many employers were looking for ways to incorporate the hat as part the workplace as well as make the employee feel more appreciated. 

A recent survey found that 82% of employees would wear a hat to signal a “leave day,” but that only 25% would wear one during a full workday. 

Deveron says that the hatpin could be seen as a way for employees to signal the end to a long work day, which is a theme that has become popular in recent years. 

“[Employers] are trying out new ways to communicate that we are working hard and that we will do our best,” says Deveron.

“The hat pin can be a way that people can acknowledge that they are working a long day and can feel like they are a part and parcel of the team.” 

The hatpin can be worn as a symbol of dedication to the company, as well, Deveroff says. 

In the workplace, hats are often worn to signify an employee is dedicated to their job, but many employees prefer to wear them as a casual and non-confrontational way of expressing themselves, and are willing to wear hats for long periods of time. 

When wearing a regular hat, it can be hard to distinguish between hats that are worn to wear a tie and hats that have been worn for a formal occasion. 

However, in recent decades, hat pins became more prevalent in a workplace that is increasingly digital. 

Hats that are made from fabric such as wool, cotton, silk, or other soft, non-reflective materials are increasingly common in offices, with some companies including Google and Facebook using them to signal their offices are welcoming and safe. 

There are other ways hat pins can be used to convey care and consideration. 

According to Diversified Brands, more than a quarter of companies surveyed say that a hatpin signifies that a company values its employees, with companies also using the pin as a message to convey that the person wearing it is dedicated. 

Companies that use hats as a statement about their values also often include a hashtag on the pin, with hashtags such as #hatpins.

Diversify Brands also reports that many companies are using hats as an informal means of communicating a positive message, such as wearing a red hat in order to represent the color red. 

Employers are also using hats to convey respect and to indicate a company is caring for its employees and its workers. 

These are important messages for employees, says D’Angelico, because they can help signal that an employee cares about their job. 

But even if employees don’t see the importance of wearing a pin as part a work setting, it still may be a sign that the work environment is welcoming and supportive. 

For some employees, the addition of the hat to their work attire may also be a signal that they care about their jobs. 

Workplace environments that are more supportive and accepting of all types of people can create a better workplace environment, says Dr. Amy Kuehn, founder of DiversityWorks. 

More and more, workplaces are becoming inclusive, she says.

The more inclusive workplace environment creates a more accepting and inclusive workplace, says Kuehn. 

 “When a workplace is more inclusive, you have less discrimination and you have fewer of these negative stereotypes about a particular group of people,” says Kühn. 

It’s also important for employees and employees to know that hats will not only be a symbol for their work environment, but for their entire company, she adds. 

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