Patagonia hats with snaps back

Patagonian fashionistas will be happy to hear that the new Patagonians hats are not just a fashion statement.

According to the designers, these hats are also a tool for protecting yourself against the elements. 

“We wanted to bring something different and practical into the world of hats,” said Patagonias head of fashion and footwear innovation, Alex Smith. 

The new Patagenia hats are the result of years of research, and are made using 100% wool and cotton materials. 

Smith said the hats are designed to protect you from the elements, but that they also offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hats. 

They’re also breathable, with an incredibly long length of yarn. “

We used a process called ‘coating’ to give the wool a natural sheen and give it an extra layer of protection from the wind. 

They’re also breathable, with an incredibly long length of yarn. 

It is breathable but not breathable enough for you to wear a hat over your head.”

The wool and the cotton are bonded together by a process that gives the wool and fabric a natural, even sheen.

This means that it does not absorb moisture or water like traditional fabrics do.

“So, the wool stays hydrated and cool, while the fabric absorbs moisture and dries.”

It’s not as easy as it looks.

The process is a bit of a nightmare and it takes a while to put together but once it’s complete you can have the best wool hat in the world.

“The Patagonas hats are available in five colours, with the white hat and white hat with snapback pattern being the most popular. 

Here’s a closer look at the new hats:The new hat is available in four sizes.

The larger size is the “T” or “T-shirt size” and comes in two styles: the traditional “T”-style and the modern “T”.

The size is available with a snapback or “snap back” design. 

To learn more about the new patagonian hats, click here.

Patagonia is the leading global clothing company that creates, manufactures and markets high-quality, sustainable products to meet the global fashion, fashion design and apparel needs of the consumer. 

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