Texas cowboy hats sold online for $100 in New Jersey

The sale of cowboy hats online for as little as $100 was the latest trend for Texas women to spend on their own, even as the state struggles to keep its economy afloat.

In New Jersey, the trend is more typical of a new phenomenon, said Sarah Dufour, a professor of marketing at Rutgers University and author of the book “Lone Cowboy.”

The new trend has been gaining steam among women in Texas, she said, and it may be linked to a broader nationwide trend of the “crazed cowboy,” who are increasingly turning to social media to sell their wares.

Texas, with its reputation for extreme winters, has seen a surge in interest in the cowboy hats.

In the past few years, Texas has become a hub for the craze.

Some women who don’t normally shop online, but who do, are buying up cowboy hats in Texas and posting pictures of their purchases on social media sites like Facebook.

“It’s a lot more than just buying a hat.

It’s just showing your appreciation and showing your support,” Dufours said.

DufOUR is a longtime Texas customer of the cowboy hat, and her friends have started to ask her for them.

“They’ve got a big laugh about it and it’s funny to us,” she said.

“But they’re also really excited that the hat is coming back.”

It’s not just Texas that is having a cowboy hat craze, Dufouts said.

In California, women are buying them up with an eye toward helping their families survive the winter.

A woman from Los Angeles told ABC News that she bought the cowboy for her parents and siblings, and she’s been selling it online for about $100.

In Texas, the cowboy trend is becoming more common among older women, and they are looking to buy up as many hats as possible to help them through the winter months.

The new craze comes at a time when Texas is struggling to attract young people to the state and many of its businesses are struggling.

“The oil boom is driving some people out of the state.

But the fact that this cowboy hat trend is popping up is a big deal,” said Sarah Sartori, the president of the Texas Retailers Association.

“People are starting to buy more and more hats, which means that the number of jobs that Texas is getting is growing,” Sartorisi said.

Sartorians is hoping that the cowboy boom will help the state attract more young people into the state, particularly younger women.

But it is also a sign of how the state is trying to grow the economy, and that could be a difficult balancing act.

While there are some signs of recovery from the oil boom, many of Texas’ economic problems remain, including the state’s unemployment rate, which is at a record-high of 13.8 percent.

For now, Texas remains one of the few states that has seen no growth in the number or wages of people employed.

“There’s a growing sense that Texas needs to be diversified, so we need to have more growth and more people that are willing to work here,” Sterri said.

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