How to respond to a hate crime on a social media platform

When a Korean man was attacked with a hat on Monday, he was not the only one who reacted with anger.

In the wake of the incident, several people from across South Korea shared their own stories of being targeted by haters.

The man was taken to hospital with serious head injuries, but his attacker, a 34-year-old Korean man surnamed Park, was not arrested yet.

His attack was reportedly motivated by his dislike for the way South Korean society treats Asians.

On social media, many people were shocked at the racial attacks against Koreans on social media and in their own communities.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, a woman from the city of Gwangju wrote that she was “proud of myself” for standing up for her race, while another woman said, “I am a Korean but I am proud of my race”.

In response, the social media company KBS News posted an article about the incident titled “The Asian haters are getting bigger”, saying, “The racial hatred is growing in our society, and it is affecting the Korean people.

If the situation continues to escalate, we can’t say anything about it.”

The article, which was shared more than 2,300 times, also referred to the incident as “a hate crime” and urged South Koreans to be “very careful” about expressing their opinion online.

But the article did not specify whether the Korean man who attacked the man in the hat had been the target of racial hate.

In response to the criticism, the Korean government announced on Monday that it will make it harder for anyone to incite racial hatred.

The country’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) will begin to monitor hate speech on social networks, the government said, and the NIS has ordered the removal of the names of all users who incite hate.

The NIS will also take a tougher stance against people who engage in “extremist” speech, and people who incite violence.

The government will also increase its monitoring of the social networking sites of all South Koreans, including the country’s biggest online gaming platform, PlayStation Network.

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